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SUCCEED L00177 project

the main message of the curriculum

Family firms are important, not only because they make an essential contribution to the economy, but also because of the long-term stability they bring, the specific commitment they show to local communities, the responsibility they feel as owners and the values they stand for. The owners/ leaders of the family businesses are often unaware of the importance of planning company transfers early; balancing the family, ownership and business aspects within the enterprise; difficulties in attracting and retaining a skilled workforce

The curriculum consists of six modules and the trainings are based on that. 

The training material would be developed by Hungarian professionals, the Austrians would take part on the trainings with their 'case studies'.

Schedule (morning - lessons and presentations from the Hungarian trainers; afternoon - case studies from the Austrian trainer/presenters) and topics of the trainings (the order is not restricted):


1) The transferability of the best practices (experiences) - the old owner

2) The aknowledgement and development of the talent - the successor

3) Network citizen - Formulation/development of the digital identity

4) Improvement  of the decision making ability with business coaching

5) The recognition and forecast of the customer's habits

6) Business planning, Improvement of the international business knowledge


In the meantime a Knowledge Platform (workspace) would be developed, where the participants could share their thoughts and experiences in different clouds; it could serve as a forum as well as the presentations and case studies (content/curriculum of the training) would be available.


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