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SUCCEED L00177 project

Improve the sustainable development of the inter-generational family businesses in the Austrian-Hungarian border region.

In Hungary, there is no tradition on how to 'give' further the knowledge from father to son; how the sons can inherit the family businesses from their fathers because the first generation that started establishing family businesses was the young generation of the late '80s and early '90s. Those owners are now in their 50s and would like to 'teach' their successors how to run the company/family business.

In Austria, since this is not the first time 'the generation change' will happen in this sense, family business owners have the so called routine, which they could show as best practice to the Hungarians. Although in Austria, there is a tradition on how to deal with this issue, new practices and ideas could be gathered while taking part on the organised trainings.

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2019  Succeed-Project - Impressum