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1) Research and selection of the 30-50 (in each country) participant family businesses

2) Opening conference in HU - the project partners would invite the owners and potential successors/descendants (as well the representatives of the media and the locals from the region, etc) of the potential SMEs (family businesses - the owner is above 50 years, the number of employees are between 10 and 50 - we don't have to be precise on the profile of the selected family businesses). On this conference, the project partners would present the goal and aims of the programme for the wider public.

3) Development of the training material on both sides of the border (tailored on the needs of the selected family businesses) with the participation of the Austrian and the Hungarian professionals

4) Development of the training session 3x2 days in Austria, 3x2 days in Hungary (3 months; translation and interpretation during the whole training implementation is necessarry)

5) In paralell with the implementation of the training, the Workspace would be developed and  continously uploaded

6) Closing conference in Austria - presentation on the 'learning procedures' (within the implementation phase of the project) as well as presentation on the experiences and know-how transfer of the project and the cooperation, which would be foolowed by a round table discussion about the potential cooperation in the future.

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2019  Succeed-Project - Impressum